Two-day North Island Tour

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Itinerary: Auckland – Waitomo – Matamata – Rotorua

Day 1
08:00 Travelling to Waitomo from Auckland
11:05 Visit Waitomo Glow Worm Caves
15:00 Hobbiton movie set and farm tour
18:00 Having dinner
19:30 Arriving Rotorua, checking in hotel

Day 2
08:00 Having breakfast on Lakeland Queen cruise
09:30 Te Puia (Maori Arts)
10:40 Enjoying farm tour (Agrodome)
13:30 Having lunch at Skyline Rotorua
14:00 Travelling to Auckland

Cost of your tour includes:

  • Admissions: Waitomo Caves, Hobbiton movie set and farm tour, Te Puia (Maori Arts), Agrodome farm tour

  • Hotel: 1 night in (Sudima Hotel Rotorua or equivalent – 4 stars) for a twin-share room. Single supplement $60/person or higher depending on departure date.

  • Meals: lunches (2), dinner (1), Brealfast (1)

  • Transportation: 12 seater van

  • Prices: for joined group tour $599/person;

  • Price for tour does not include tip of NZ$6/person/day.

Please contact us for more info and T & C. All prices are indicative only until confirmed in writing.


This tour is short but full of fun and very educational. It allows you to appreciate why the places included in it are world renowned tourist attractions.

Waitomo Glow Worm caves: A network of caves discovered in the late 1880s (yes, over 130 years ago). Since then it has been one of the must see places in New Zealand. All of the caves are full of stalactites, stalagmites, and incrustations with intricate and beautiful shapes. You also will be amazed by thousands of glows worm above while gliding silently by boat in dark caves.

Hobbiton movie set: New Zealand is not only famous for being the home of the Kiwi birds but also a place where the blockbuster Lord of the Rings trilogy were filmed and the subsequent Hobbit sequels. One of the most famous was that of the Shire, home to the plucky hobbits. This tour will take you to the Hobbiton movie set to see the magic scenes in real life. The $79 cost of a Hobbiton movie set tour is included

Te Puia (Maori Arts): Your visit to Māori architecture in Te Puia offer you the opportunity to appreciate and learn Maori artistry. The Rotowhio marae is a stunning example of traditional Māori architecture, while Heketanga-ā-Rangi is an exciting contemporary structure. The displays reflect Maori culture and how the Maori people lived hundreds of years ago.

Agrodome: Agrodome has been a must see tourist attraction for over 40 years. The farm tour gives you true farming experience. You will get to hand-feed loads of friendly animals and sample delicious kiwifruit juice and honey from the farm.

Skyline Rotorua: Your tour includes having lunch at Skyline Rotorua where you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to food and beverage options. The Stratosfare Restaurant is one of the finest restaurant in New Zealand where choices include meals made of fresh seafood, New Zealand beef, lamb meals and delectable desserts. Your Skyline is also surely an enjoyable experience. The lunch values NZ$64/adult but it is already included in the cost of your tour.

All tour details are indicative until they are confirmed in writing.

Chương Trình Tour 2 ngày
Auckland – Waitomo – Matamata – Rotorua

Ngày 1
08:00 Khởi hành từ Auckland đi Waitomo
11:05 Tham quan hang đom đóm Glow Worm Caves
12:30 Ăn trưa BBQ tại Waitomo Caves
15:00 Thăm phim trường Chúa Nhẫn Hobbiton movie set
18:00 Dùng bữa tối tại nhà hàng
19:30 Đến Rotorua (thành phố lưu huỳnh) checking in hotel

Ngày 2
08:00 Ăn sáng trên du thuyền Lakeland Queen
09:30 Thăm bảo tàng nghệ thuât Maori trong khu Te Puia
10:40 Tham quan nông trại (Agrodome)
13:30 Ăn trưa tại Skyline Rotorua
14:00 Lên đường về lại Auckland

Giá tour bao gồm:
• Vé vào cửa: Hang động Waitomo, phim trường Chúa Nhẫn, Bảo tàng nghệ thuật Maori; tham quan nông trại
• Khách sạn 4 sao (Sudima hotel hoặc Millennium hotel Rotorua hoặc các khách sạn tương đương)
• Các bữa ăn: sáng (1), trưa (2), tối (1)
• Phương tiện đi lại: xe 12 hoặc 24 chỗ.

Giá tour không bao gồm:
• Vé máy bay
• Vé vào cửa hoặc bữu ăn không nằm trong chương trình

“Cảm ơn cong ty, đoàn có một chuyến đi New Zealand thật sự vui và bổ ích.

Cảnh đẹp, con người thân thiện, lái xe nhiệt tình, các bữa ăn đều ngon và hợp khẩu vị.

Chắc chắn đoàn sẽ giới thiệu bạn bè người thân sang đây du lịch.” Vu Kim Sa – Hanoi

Cac chi tiet cua tour chi mang tinh tham khao cho den khi duoc xac nhan bang van ban.


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